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Service Overview

  • Video Production including Scriptwriting, Filming & Editing.
  • Photography including Studio & Location, plus Photo Editing.
  • Audio & Video Streaming including Design, Equipment Install or Hire.

As part of our award-winning creative process, we organise production meetings prior to starting your project in order to help us understand your culture, branding and the way you think as a business. Whatever your requirements, we have the tools and skill set to meet them, every time.

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Service Options

Video Production

During our production meetings we focus on the concept development for your project. We then engage a professional script writer to help articulate your message to potential clients.

Specialist filming techniques allow us to shoot beautiful aerial footage, stunning time-lapse sequences, incredible super slow motion and slick Steadicam shots ensuring high production values throughout your programme. Filming can be studio and/or location based depending on the requirements of your project.

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Clients are encouraged to get involved during the editing process from both a content and creative perspective. We record, direct, engineer and edit voiceovers offering a large selection of professional V.O. artists, actors, on-screen presenters and celebrities to suit your programme. Our Autocue systems are there to help the presenter when delivering long pieces of dialogue to camera. Full crews are also available for hire inc. hair and make-up etc. if required.

Equipment we carry:

  • Selection of 4k cameras
  • Various professional lighting
  • Sound kits inc. shotgun, boom & radio mics
  • Gimbals
  • Autocue systems
  • Jib & slider

Additionally, we also have access to a much larger range of specialist equipment and professionals such as Hair & Makeup Artists, Drone Operators, Helicopter Hire.


We offer high-quality bespoke photography focusing on your people, business, services and products. This can take place on location, in the studio or at your business premises. We also edit and enhance each image to make every shot perfect.

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Streaming Equipment Design, Install or Hire

As an AV integrator, we can also offer you installation or hire of a full broadcasting suite for live or pre-recorded productions. Combining audio and video equipment with streaming and editing software, we deliver full working turn-key solutions designed specifically for you. We can also supply a team of professional AV technicians to work on your production if required. From consultation to installation and training, TVT offer a bespoke solution for your business.

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