AV System Basic Checks

Before logging a ticket with the TVT Care service desk, please check the following:


  1. Has the room system been re-booted?
  2. Have specific devices been re-booted?
  3. Have there been any manual firmware or software updates made by anyone other than the contracted AV service provider?
  4. Is there any visible damage to cables and connections?
  5. Are there any unconnected cables?
  6. Have any cables been swapped out by anyone other than the contracted AV service provider?


  1. Does the device have power?
    1. Power lights should be illuminated.
    2. Power cable should be connected to rear.
    3. Wall sockets should be ON.
  2. Is there building power to the room?
    1. Check with Facility Management for power availability to room.
    2. Has there been a scheduled power-down exercise?
    3. Has there been a recent power outage/failure?


  1. Is there live internet availability?
  2. Has internet provision been recently changed?
  3. Does the device or room have network connectivity?
  4. Are CAT5/6 cables seated correctly to devices
  5. Has there been any infrastructure changes that may impact AV system connectivity? – Check with IT Department.