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Service Overview

A user adoption strategy ensures adoption of the installed equipment is not left to chance and is fundamental to the success of any technology purchase. Making sure the IT Team can utilise the management systems to deliver a first class and well-maintained infrastructure.

We engage end users to understand how new technology will impact them and identify what training and support they need to give them a great user experience.

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Service Options

Witness Testing

Included as standard, our engineer will make a test call, check audio and video quality of the final build of system, with a client witness present.

Note: This service is a quick working showcase of the solution, not for education of end-users.

User Training

We will organise a Training Day for your end-user employees that will use the systems on a daily basis. Our Trainer will perform an on-site demonstration of core features, expected room behaviours, Q&A and hands on experience for your end-users.

Recommended for Green Sites.

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Full User Adoption Strategy

Our most thorough service – Full User Adoption – is a scaleable, tailored user training program that can span over multiple sites and covers training for different teams, with longevity including documentation, feedback review and next step options. Includes training sessions tailored for user groups and long term plan using feedback to ensure best possible outcomes.

Recommended for Enterprises.

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