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TVT 2020 Rebrand

So as 2019 comes to a close, TVT have come together to consolidate on what we have learnt, how we have grown, and most importantly; how we mean to go forward.

Below is the new logo. In both it’s forms.

As you can see, both feature a Gradient, Tagline and the abbreviated Company name – TVT.

It will also feature other iterations such as without the tagline, or in Black / White.

This new logo, compared to the old one will allow for much more flexibility when using it. Let’s take a look at the brief history of TV Tech’s previous logos:

“Our last logo was trying to emulate that of other companies, essentially being something that we simply were not which created a false persona. This new logo is a balance between our past and our future.”

Steve Estabrooks – MD of TV Technologies

Looking all the way back at the first logo, back when TV Technologies was just a small, local Home TV and Projector supplier, you can see that the logo is actually quite similar to what it is now, structurally speaking.

Let’s have a look at the very first logo, compared to it’s latest iteration.

Figure 1: The Brandmark

We have reverted back to the initial idea of referring to ourselves as ‘TVT’ as it is easy to understand, memorable and distinctive. We still go by TV Technologies, or TV Tech. But this way we display ourselves as TVT.

Figure 2: The Brandname

In our first logo, we thought that it’d be crucial for customers to know that we sell TV’s and that we develop the brand to be both our full name and TVT. This ideology hasn’t changed, but instead we do it in different ways now. Our URL still remains our full company name, as do emails, company documents and anything that isn’t visual.

It isn’t necessary to have your full company name within a logo anymore because as media use has changed you will take it in through other means…

That it why it has been removed from the re-branded logo.

Figure 3: The Strapline

The strapline has been kept in the new version of the logo, although as TVT’s products, services and clientele has changed, so has the text within the strapline-

But it still remains below the Brandmark and is present within the logo.

As a company, TVT have decided they want to simplify things, as well as be who they are.

This time around the intention is to present TV Technologies, clearly and openly. Thus the need for a clear, concise and appropriate logo.

We have also took the liberty of selecting two fonts which we will use in different situations those being. Lato and Avenir Next.

Lato is used for Web and other Digital graphics, while Avenir Next is used for Printed documents. The two are subtly different, with Lato being very friendly and neutral whereas Avenir Next is clearer, and more professional- Hence it’s use in documentation and printed works.

See a comparison of the two below:

TV Technologies is no longer a small TV supplier to local homeowners and small scale business-to-business, meaning it has to look the part.

We now supply, install and maintain a wider range of AV products; on a multinational scale.

For both 1st party clients and 3rd party clients; As a white-labelled service.

Additionally, our portfolio of products and services has grown exponentially and we are now able to supply commercial grade technologies, such as: Digital Signage, Video Walls, Control Units, Video Conference systems and much more. Both on a National and International basis.

Darren McDonnell – Operations Overseer

Also of note is the colours that are used have changed, they’re now more complimentary of the blue gradient.

Here’s a colour chart of the colours TVT use in all their works:

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